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How to get involved

Once or twice a month, the Shire holds a business meeting. The business meetings are held year round at 6:30 pm, every fourth Thursday at the fencing site; and from October to April an additional meeting may be added for Winter War event planning. All are welcome. Email our Castellan or our Seneschal to let us know you are coming to a business meeting or practice. Email one of our Marshals, and we’ll let you know what you’ll need to get started in the martial activities.

Armoured Combat is a full force, full speed, martial art with rattan weapons, wearing steel and leather armour. Practices are held every Wednesday at 7:30 pm on the lawn next to Trinity Presbyterian Church, 590 Gainsborough Road, London. The driveway is just off of Limberlost. In the winter, practice is in the daycare building.

Rapier Fencing uses long, slender, unsharpened swords with blunt rubber tips. A light touch is used with heavy cloth protection and modern fencing masks. Practices are often held during the Shire Activity Night. These are every Thursday, 7:00 pm at Trinity Presbyterian Church, 590 Gainsborough Rd, London.

We often have Renaissance Dancing practices alongside our fencing. Anyone can join in!

Target Archery takes place in various locations. Contact the Archery Marshal, who will post events for practices when they happen, with directions and times.

There are many people interested in sewing, clothing and textile arts. Some are interested in other fabrication skills or fine arts. Tables are available at the armoured combat and fencing practices. Arts and Sciences nights are held occasionally to work on individual and group projects.