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Winter War XXI
Saturday, 9 March 2019
hours 9:0021:00
Wilfrid Jury Public School
950 Lawson Road, London, ON, N6G 3M2
Members fee $10.00 
with Non-Member Surcharge applied  $15.00
Youth (under 16) $5.00 
**Cheques to be made payable to: SCA - Shire of Trinovantia Nova**
If you are attending with children please ensure you have the appropriate paperwork.

Food Food Food

We will be providing a lunch day-board beginning at 11:00am.

In the afternoon there will be an ‘interesting’ bread competition where we invite those so inclined to prepare a couple of loaves of interesting bread (be it in flavour, shape, size, etc.) for judging and sharing at feast. There is a lovely prize for the winner.

After court we’ll be having a potluck. Please feel free to bring a dish to share, if you are doing so and can let Lady Eithne (Lisa D. Ranged) know in advance that would be greatly appreciated.

Arts & Sciences

 New to the Known World class to be held at Winter War XXI

1pm in the Library

Are you new to the Known World and curious about what the hell is going on here?  Do you have questions?  Do you want to meet people, people who might be new like you, or people who've been around a bit?  Then come chat with us.  We will have tales of the history of the SCA and of Ealdormere, a few lessons on etiquette for Feast and Court, and a Q&A session.  You will meet the Septentrian Chatelaine, and some generally friendly folk who can help guide you going forward.

This session is open to everyone, new and old.


We’re having a children’s A&S contest! Those under the age of 16 are invited to bring an A&S project to put on display and the populace will vote on them throughout the day.

We’re also leaving some space for the adults to show off their latest or favourite projects, we know you’ve got some with Kingdom A&S coming, but no prizes for you.


NeedleWorks ~ Custom Garb by Lady Florence deFries
Magdalaina ~ Jewellery
Lord Damian’s Wears ~ Feast gear, leather goods, jewellery and books
Cellar Hord ~ Hand crafted wood & horn goods from Duchess Domhnail & Master Corwyn


Fighting and rapier lists open for inspections and authorizations at 10:00am.
Then there will be many tournaments with much poking and swinging.


Directions to Site

Take your best route to London, Ontario.

From Sarnia and locations west, follow HWY 402 to Wonderland Road North in London.

From all locations east, follow HWY 401 to Wonderland Road North in London.

Once on Wonderland Road, continue north approximately 13.5 km, and turn left onto Lawson Road.  The school is about four blocks ahead, and on the left. 

Time from the 401/402 is around 16 minutes.

 Additional information:
Parking on the grass, even if frozen and snow-covered, is not permitted. Please find parking along many of the residential streets near the school if the lot fills up. There is lots of space around the back of the school along Thistledown Way, between Sarnia Road and Sherbourne Road.

 Event Staff and Contacts

Event Steward:
Full name : Brent McCrackin
SCA Name: THL Aidan Sceotend aet thaem Mistigum Merum

Merchant Contact
Full name: Nicole VandenDool
SCA Name: Muirghein MacQuerrie