Winter War Merchants

Onto the many skilled merchants of Ealdormere and beyond!

We welcome you to Winter War XVIII, hosted in the fair Shire of Trinovantia Nova. You may now reserve a place in our Market Halls and so by chance to gain profit from the skills of your hands and mind.

You will need to bring your own table(s), seating for your own comfort, and any shelves or other ways to display your goods. Your display should take up no more than 8 feet of a length of hall and not impede the flow of traffic. Locations will be given day of, to those pre-registered, on a first come first serve basis (after site opens) to encourage prompt arrival and set up.

Please contact Lady Orla O’Shanahan by e-mail with these most important details! Your business name- Your SCA Name – What are your wares- How may prospective customers contact you- Do you have a website-

Many thanks, Orla