Winter War Feast

Our feast will be a “Traveller’s Feast”. We will provide lots of tables and space for our visitors to bring their own choice of fare. (Power plugs will be provided for crock pots, and we will also have a list of local restaurants for delivery or take out meals.)

We will be offering a list of local restaurants for delivery to the event site, or who offer quick take out. The list  will be available at the gate.
Please let us know how many seats you will need in the Great Hall so we can have plenty of room for everyone.

Clan Okami will be offering a simple dinner of chicken yakitori, rice, and soup for sale at the event to feed hungry travelers who do not wish to venture away from the event. We will be opening the dinner table around 5:30pm (or when court is over and activities start wrapping up), and it will be first come first served. (no pre-reserved meals) Cost will be $10 per person. Please bring your own feasting gear.
Arigato gosaimasu