Winter War Feast

Please reserved your spot – Send RSVP to:

Clan Okami
Feast-O-Crats: Toki and Yukiko (Alieana of the March)
Presents Feast of Winter War a Country Samurai
$15 per adult and $7 per child  40 feast spots.

Miso Soup :

Miso (soybeans, rice, koji, salt)
Kombu Bonito (cured, dried skipjack tuna flakes)
Chicken Stock
Mushrooms Soaked in Shoyu and Dry Sherry
Pickled Carrots
Carrots with a vinegar sugar glaze
Niwa Tori Saute
Boneless Chicken with Shoyu, Scallions and ginger
Buta Nabe
Pork loin, carrots, Chinese Cabbage, scallions, fried tofu strips
Manju Balls
Red bean paste with sugar.
Green Tea