Winter War Activities

Trillium and WolfMartial Activities

Please wear non-marking soles for the gym floor.
Showers are available in both change rooms.  Bring your own towels/toiletries. 

Rapier Combat Schedule

Look forward to a busy and fun filled day of rapier combat at Winter War XVII!  In addition to regular Winter War tournament activities there will be four Ealdormere Academy of Defence prize fights.

Make sure to inspect your armour and weapons in advance of arriving.  Repair any missing rings in chain mail armour and ensure that cloth armour is up-to-date for puncture testing.   Make sure to bring your membership and fencing cards with you.  A reminder that maximum permissible blade length is 48″ from tip to the start of the tang (where ever that happens to be for your guard/handle).  Female combatants, please ensure that if you are using puncture resistant cloth armour for groin protection that it is sufficiently long to provide adequate protection.  Tournament fights will not include ‘death from behind.’  Remember to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day!

Doors open to the public.  Registration.  Inspections, warm up, and EAOD procession.

Post-Court O’Clock:

List 1 – EAOD Cadet 1-on-1 fight
List 2 – EAOD Free Scholar 1-on-1 fight

List 1 – Open free sparring
List 2 – Two EAOD Free Scholar 1-on-1 fights

List 1 and 2 – EAOD bear pit fights.  All present fencers will be funneling into list 1 and list 2 bear pits to challenge our noble and skilled Ealdormere Academy of Defence combatants.  Be prepared for rapid back-to-back fencing matches!

List 1 and 2 – The Castle Infiltration!
Thanks to our Ealdormerian heavy fighters tying up a despotic king’s fighters outside the castle, we’ve managed to quietly gain entry to the castle.  Somewhere ahead is the king’s chambers, but before getting there we’ll need to fight through the hallways in our search.  Be prepared to take on the king’s guards in one-on-one combat as we fight our way through the corridors.
-This will be a double elimination match with narrowed fencing lists.  Limited side-to-side and rotating movements will mean this fight will be predominately head on!

List 1 and 2 – Kill the King!
Finally, after disposing of the king’s guards we’ve found his chamber and he’s certainly not happy to see us armed with Ealdormerian steel in hand.  He’s well armoured and declines to step surrender while there is breath in his body.  Prepare to fight!
-This will be a bear pit match with the ‘king’ being armoured.  3 valid body hits will kill the king, 2 valid blows to an arm or leg are required to disable, and one valid blow to the head will kill the king.  Fencers will get 1 point per valid attack on the king and 5 points for killing the king (thereby becoming the new king).  The king will retain all wounds between combatants and will be expected to make a reasonably dramatic death upon being mortally deposed from his throne.

List 1 and 2 – The (Strategic) Retreat!
With the despotic king now dead, his forces will eventually crumble.  In our strategic retreat back to the main Ealdormere forces, it appears that the noise of combat has drawn out the king’s remaining loyal guards.  In the courtyard of the castle our exit is blocked by the remaining guards.  We’ll need teamwork to over come them if we wish to see Ealdormere once more!
-This will be a melee tournament.  Death from behind will not be included.  Expect skirmishes of varying group sizes!

Armoured Combat Schedule

10:30-11:30 inspection, authorizations and warm up bouts

11:30-Court Melee including last man standing, folding Warlord tourney and all the melee you can stand

We are not using the partition walls this year so we’ll have more room and an audience. This is a great event for martial signatures and any extra help would be appreciated. Have fun fight honorably and go over the rules of the list.