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Shire Officers

In the SCA an officer is a volunteer and member who performs a specific task within the group.




 Seneschal: Lady Enya ~ Eithne ingen Ui Ragnaill (Lisa Reynolds)





Chancellor of the Exchequer: Lord Aidan Sceotend aet Thaem Mistigum Merum (Brent McCrackin)





Chatelaine: Lady Muirghein MacQuerrie (Nicole Kyle)





Herald: Marrin von Waldburg (Jenna Hegler)



Armoured Combat MarshalArmoured Combat Marshal


Armoured Combat Marshal: Berenger le Vieller (Craig Sulyma)



Rapier MarshalRapier Marshal


Rapier Marshal: Cesare Ambrogino di Salvazzi (Matther 'Raven' Ridley)



Archery MarshalArchery Marshal


Archery Marshal: Lord Aidan Sceotend aet Thaem Mistigum Merum

(Brent McCrackin)


Thrown Weapons MarshalThrown Weapons Marshal


Thrown Weapons Marshal: Marrin Von Waldburg (Jenna Hegler)



Arts & SciencesArts & Sciences


Minister of Arts & Sciences: Amelye of Trinovantia Nova (Amy Lee)





Chronicler: Roma Sulyma



Web MinisterWeb Minister


Web Minister:
Lord Gregor MacEanruig (Greg Martin)