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Metal Etched Brass Weregild Coins


A Prize Worthy of a Viking Duel Coming up in our Shire of Trinovantia Nova on June 18, 2015 we’ll be holding an Einvigi inspired rapier combat tournament.  In researching the history and traditions of Einvigi duels, I ran across

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The Order of Defense

Exciting news for our kingdom of Ealdormere and the SCA.  On February 2, 2015 the Board of Directors held a teleconference to further discuss and approve the proposed changes to corpora to found the Order of Defense, our new rapier

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Acknowledgement Of Blows In SCA Rapier Combat

To help promote knowledge and excellence in our local fencing group, I’ve taken up posting what will (hopefully) be a periodic series of posts on SCA/Ealdormere fencing rules…  The SCA rules are the core rules that we follow, with our

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