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Acknowledgement Of Blows In SCA Rapier Combat

To help promote knowledge and excellence in our local fencing group, I’ve taken up posting what will (hopefully) be a periodic series of posts on SCA/Ealdormere fencing rules…  The SCA rules are the core rules that we follow, with our

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Iron Horse Festival Demo

Our shire has been invited to take part in the 20th annual Iron Horse Festival, which is held in St. Thomas every year. We will be hosting a public demo on Thursday, August 21st from 6pm to 11pm. We are

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Additional Fencing Peerage in the SCA Update

This update on the current process looking at adding a new fencing peerage to the SCA just came in from Lady Jocelyn Cranewall (Yvonne Rogers): “Additional Peerage Review Committee (APRC) Update Their former Majesties Nigel and Adrielle asked me to

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