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Fencing in the SCA – What is there to do?

So.  You’ve found a local SCA group and you’re keen to start fencing…  Undoubtedly you have lots of questions, and lots of excitement.  One of the simplest questions you may have is: What exactly is SCA fencing? In our area

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Hard Hits In Fencing

Fencing is by it’s nature a contact sport.  Our primary focus in fencing, like all martial arts, is safety both towards ourselves and towards our opponents.  However, despite our best efforts and mindfulness, hard hits are going to happen.  It’s

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Historical Fencing Tournaments and Competitions

Today I forwarded a question to our local Ealdormere fencing marshals regarding their knowledge of historical fencing tournaments and competitions.  David Stamper (‘Albrecht Stampfer’ in the SCA) had the following informative reply based off his reading from “The Secret History

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